Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh, M.Sc. Ph.D.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh

Present Position: Assistant Professor

Department of Biotechnology,
School of Life Science & Biotechnology

E-mail: manoj.k.singh@adamasuniversity.ac.in


  • Ph.D. (Life Sciences) from CSIR-IICB, Kolkata under (Jadavpur University)
  • M.Sc. in Biotechnology, The (University Of Burdwan)
  • B.Sc. in Zoology (Honours) (Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag, Kharkhand)

Research Key Areas:

  • Host pathogen interaction
  • Infectious diseases and immunology
  • Natural product biology
  • Bioethics
  • Environmental Biology

Research Highlights:

  • h-index: 8, i10-index: 8, Total citations: 332,
  • Poster titled “Protective efficacy of Leishmanial glycolipids against visceral leishmaniasis” was selected as the “Best Poster” Presented in the 75th annual meeting of Society Of Biological Chemists (India) at J.N.U. New Delhi, 2006.


  • PGuest Faculty (Department of Biotechnology),)
  • Assistant Professor (Department of Biotechnology) Adamas University, Kolkata, (2019-till date)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate in CSIR project, University of Kalyani, India (2015)
  • Faculty at Leapbig Education, Kolkata (2014-2015)
  • CSIR-Senior Research Fellow, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata, India (2009-2011)
  • Senior Research Fellow, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata, India (2008-2009)
  • Junior Research Fellow, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata, India (2007-2008)
  • Project, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata, India (2006-2007)

Research Publication (s):

  • Number of research papers published in International peer-reviewed SCI/Scopus Proceedings: 8
  • Number of invited Book-Chapters: 1

For Details, Visit: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=qTUYWFMAAAAJhl=en

Selected Publication (s):

  1. Samanta S, Sharma AR , Saha A, Singh MK, Das A, Bhattacharya M, Saha RP, Sang-Soo Lee, Chakraborty C. The bacteriophage mu lysis system–A new mechanism of host lysis? Vol.45, No.5, 2021, pp.1175-1186, doi:10.32604/biocell.2021.015537
  2. Saha RP, Sharma AR, Singh MK, Samanta S, Bhakta S, Mandal S, Bhattacharya M, Lee SS, Chakraborty C. Repurposing Drugs, Ongoing Vaccine, and New Therapeutic Development Initiatives Against COVID-19. Front Pharmacol. 2020 Aug 19; 11:1258.
  3. Saha RP, Samanta S, Patra S, Sarkar D, Saha A, Singh MK. Metal homeostasis in bacteria: the role of ArsR-SmtB family of transcriptional repressors in combating varying metal concentrations in the environment. Biometals. 2017 Aug;30(4):459-503.
  4. Singh MK, Bhaumik SK, Karmakar S, Paul J, Sawoo S, Majumder HK, Roy A. Copper salisylaldoxime (CuSAL) imparts protective efficacy against visceral leishmaniasis by targeting Leishmania donovani topoisomerase IB. Exp Parasitol. 2017 Apr;175:8-20.
  5. Singh MK, Paul J, De T, Chakraborti T. Bioactivity guided fractionation of Moringa oleifera Lam. flower targeting Leishmania donovani. Indian J Exp Biol. 2015 Nov;53(11):747-52.
  6. Bhaumik SK, Singh MK, Karmakar S, De T. UDP-Gal: N-acetylglucosamine beta 1-4 galactosyltransferase expressing live attenuated parasites as vaccine for visceral leishmaniasis. Glycoconj J. (2009) 26(6):663-73
  7. Bhaumik SK, Singh MK, Karmakar S, De T. Immuno stimulating glycophosphosphingolipid antigen from Leishmania donovani is recognized by visceral leishmaniasis patient sera. Mol Biochem Parasitol. (2008) 159(2):121-9.
  8. Bhaumik SK, Singh M, Basu R, Bhaumik S, Roychoudhury K, Naskar K, Roy S, De T. Virulence attenuation of a UDP-galactose/N-acetylglucosamine β1,4galactosyltransferase expressing Leishmania donovani promastigote. Glycoconj J (2008) 25:459–472


  1. Effects of Food Production and Consumption on Environment and Climate Sen S, Singh MK, Das A, Advances in Medical Physics and Healthcare Engineering, 361-370

Research Projects:

  1. Adamas University Grant-in-Aid SEED Fund Research project titled “3D printed Micro Waste- Composter for Smart Home Gardening”2021. Rs. 70K for 1st year.
  2. Adamas University Grant-in-Aid for SEED Fund Research project (ARISE Students’ Project Category) titled “UV enabled sanitization in hospital toilet” 2021. Rs. 10K

Research Advisor / Supervisor:

  • Doctoral Thesis Advisor / Supervisor : 1 (Under progress)
  • Post Graduate Thesis Advisor : 4 (Awarded)

Award/ Academic Recognition/ Major Professional Activity:

  • Journal Reviewer: Peer J, iScience, Frontiers Pharmacology
  • Journal Editorial Board Member, Frontiers Pharmacology
  • Professional body Life membership
  • The Biotech Research Society, India
  • “Best Poster” award in the 75th annual meeting of SBC (India) at J.N.U. New Delhi, India
  • 1st Prize in National Level “Young Entrepreneurs Summit PUNE, 2021” (conceptualized and mentored this project as faculty Advisor, Adamas Biotechnology Club)
  • 2nd Prize in National Level “Young Entrepreneurs Summit PUNE, 2021” (conceptualized and mentored this project as faculty Advisor, Adamas Biotechnology Club)
  • 2nd runner up in in National Level “Young Entrepreneurs Summit PUNE, 2020” (conceptualized and mentored this project as faculty Advisor, Adamas Biotechnology Club)