Dr. Tanmoy Guria, PhD (Pharmacy)

Dr. Tanmoy Guria

Present Position: Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, School of Medical Sciences

E-mail: tanmoy.guria@adamasuniversity.ac.in


  • PhD in Pharmacy, Jadavpur University
  • Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Jadavpur University
  • Pharm, Jadavpur University

Research Key Areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Synthesis of Heterocyclic compounds
  • Isolation of Secondary metabolites
  • Pharmacological action

Research Highlights:

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Urea /Thiourea Derivatives
  • Isolation of New ester of fatty acid from Amaranthus spinosus
  • Antihyperglycemics activity of synthesized compounds


  • Associate Professor in Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology (School of Medical Science), Adamas University, 2021-
  • Assistant Professor in Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology (School of Medical Science), Adamas University, 2018-2021
  • Guest Faculty, Jadavpur University, 2014-15
  • ICMR Senior Research Fellow, Jadavpur University, Apr, 2016- March, 2019
  • CSIR Senior Research Fellow, Jadavpur University, Feb, 2015-Dec, 2015
  • CSIR Junior Research Fellow, Jadavpur University, Feb, 2013- Feb, 2015

Research Publication (s):

  • Number of research papers published in International refereed journals: 14
  • Number of invited Book-Chapters: 03

For Details, Visit: https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/160153

Selected Publication (s):

  1. Balaji Wamanrao Matore, Purusottam Banjare, Tanmoy Guria, Partha Pratim Roy, Jagadish Singh, Oxadiazole derivatives: Histone deacetylase inhibitors in anticancer therapy and drug discovery, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Reports, 2022, 5; 100058.
  2. Abhik Paul, Tanmoy Guria, Puspita Roy and Arindam Maity; Recent Development of Heterocyclic Compounds with Indazole Moiety as Potential Antiparasitic Agents, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2022; 22.
  3. Subhasis Chakraborty, Tanmoy Guria, Abhik Paul, Sajal Kumar Jha; Current treatment of Corona ( SARS- CoV-2) : A Review, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 2020; 11(6), 45-58.
  4. Puspita Roy, Tanmoy Guria, Birendra Nath Karan, Subbiah Ramasamy, Tapan Kumar Maity; Synthesis of 2,4,6-trisubstituted Pyrimidine Analogues via Chalcone Derivatives and Their Anticancer Evaluation, International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences, 2018; 8(3): 996-1004.
  5. Tanmoy Guria, Puspita Roy, Tapan kumar Maity; Synthesis, Pharmacological Evaluation and Ligand-Protein Interaction Study of Hybrid Urea and Thiourea Derivatives as Antihyperglycemic Agents, International Research Journal of Pharmacy, 2018; 9(5): 36-46.
  6. Birendra Nath Karan, Tanushree Singha, Tanmoy Guria, Puspita Roy, Tapan Kumar Maity, Bikash Chandra Pal; Evaluation of Anti-Cancer Activity of Methanol Extract of Nyctanthesarbor- tristis, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 2017; 8(5): 412-420.
  7. Arijit Mondal, Tanmoy Guria, Tapan Kumar Maity, Anupam Bishayee; A Novel Tetraenoic Fatty Acid Isolated from Amaranthus spinosus Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis of Human Liver Cancer Cells, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016; 17(10): 1604. (IF- 5.923)
  8. Arijit Mondal, Tanmoy Guria, Tapan Kumar Maity;A new ester of fatty acid from methanol extract of the whole plant of Amaranthus spinosus and its glucosidase inhibitory activity, Pharmaceutical Biology, 2015; 53(4): 600-604. (IF- 3.503)

Research Projects:

  1. Grant-in-Aid for SEED Fund Research project titled “An efficient microwave irradiated synthesis and antimicrobial screening of newer pyrimidine derivatives” INR 40,000/- funded by Adamas University, Kolkata, 2021-22

Research Patents:

  1. Moumita Das Kirtania, Tanmoy Guria, Manish Kumar Gautam, Srija Sur, Pratibha Gupta, A formulation for preparation and evaluation of crosslinked chitosan composites using a novel inorganic agent for colon targeted delivery. German Patent No. 202022101593, 12.04.2022

Award/ Academic Recognition/ Major Professional Activity:

  • The Reviewer of Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal
  • Editorial Board Member: International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Editorial Board Member: Open Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research
  • Editorial Board Member: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis
  • CCSTDS travel grant for attending the 2020 5th International Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (ICPPS 2020), Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, 25th – 28th March, 2020.
  • Received UGC grant for attending training course on “Modern Bioanalytical Techniques for Drug Discovery” under UGC Networking Resource Centre at University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University, Chandigarh from 25th February to 2nd March 2019. 
  • Received Jadavpur University Travel grant for attending 3rd International Conference on Academic and Industrial Innovations: Transitions in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Biosciences at Kala Academy, Goa, 22nd – 23rd Oct 2018.
  • DST travel grant for attending 77th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 10th– 14th September 2017 organised by The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).