Dr. Tanmoy Kumar Dey

Present Position: Assistant Professor

Department of Chemsitry, School of Basic & Applied Sciences

E-mail: tanmoy1.dey@adamasuniversity.ac.in


  • PhD (Sc), University of Calcutta
  • Sc. in Environmental Science, University of Calcutta

Research Key Areas:

  • Natural Product Chemistry
  • Nanoemulsion Biodelivery
  • Anti-inflammatory applications of Natural nutraceuticals
  • Applied microbiology

Research Highlights:

  • Best Presentation award 2022 in 2nd International Conferenceon Transforming Ripples in Healthcare Research: Obstacles, Sustenance & Cutting-edge innovations, organized by School of Medical Sciences, Adamas University in collaboration with Central Ayurveda Research Institute (CCRAS), Ministry of AYUSH.
  • Senior Research Fellowship in Trans-disciplinary Research Category (Sanction no.: 09/ 028 (0926)/ 2014-EMR-I, dated: 07/08/2014), by Council Scientific and Industrial Research, India


  • Assistant Professor (Environmental Science), Dept of Chemistry, SOBAS, Adamas University, India, 2021-
  • Post-doctoral fellow, ICMR Post-doctoral fellow, ICMR-NICED, Kolkata, 2017 – 2021.

Research Publication (s):

  • Number of research papers published in International refereed journals: 16
  • Number of research papers published in International peer-reviewed Scopus Proceedings: 15
  • Number of invited Book-Chapters: 5.

For Details, Visit: https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/201969

Selected Publication (s):

  1. D T.K., Ghosh. S, Ghosh. M, Koley. H and Dhar. P, 2012; Comparative Study of Gastrointestinal Absorption of EPA & DHA Rich Fish Lipid Oil from Nano and Conventional emulsion Formulation in Rats. Food Research International, 49, 72-79.
  2. Sengupta, A.; Dey, T.; Ghosh, M.; Ghosh, J. and Ghosh, S. 2012; Enzymatic Synthesis of Furfuryl Alcohol Ester with Oleic Acid by Candida antarctica Lipase B and Its Kinetic Study. Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Series E (Chemical and Textile Engineering). 93, 31-36.
  3. Paul, D.; Dey, T.K.; Mukherjee, S.; Ghosh, M. & Dhar, P. 2014; Comparative prophylactic effects of α-eleostearic acid rich nano and conventional emulsions in induced diabetic rats. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 51(9), 1724-36.
  4. Dey, T.K., Banerjee, P., Bakshi, M., Ghosh A. and Ghosh, S. 2014 Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in West Bengal: Current Scenario, Effects and Probable Ways of Mitigation. International Letters of Natural Sciences, 13, 45-58.
  5. Chatterjee, R., Dey, T.K., Ghosh, M., Dhar, P. 2015; Enzymatic Modification of Sesame Seed Protein, Sourced from Waste Resouorces for Nutraceutical Application. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 94, 70-81.
  6. Banerjee, P., Dey, T.K., Sarkar, S., Swarnakar, S., Mukhopadhyay, A., Ghosh, S. 2016; Treatment of cosmetic effluent in different configurations of ceramic UF membrane based bioreactor: toxicity evaluation of the untreated and treated wastewater using catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis). Chemosphere, 146, 133-144.
  7. Dey, T.K., Banerjee, P., Chatterjee, R. and Dhar, P. 2018. Designing of ω-3 PUFA enriched biocompatible nanoemulsion with sesame protein isolate as a natural surfactant: Focus on enhanced shelf-life stability and biocompatibility. Colloids and Surfaces A, Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 538, 36-44.
  8. Dey, T.K., Koley, H., Ghosh, M., Dey, S. and Dhar, P., 2019. Effects of nano-sizing on lipid bioaccessibility and ex vivo bioavailability from EPA-DHA rich oil in water nanoemulsion. Food Chemistry, 275(1), 135-142.
  9. Dey, T.K., Maiti, I., Chakraborty, S., Ghosh, M. and Dhar, P., 2019. Enzymatic synthesis of lipophilic lutein–PUFA esters and assessment of their stabilization potential in EPA–DHA rich fish oil matrix. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 56(5), pp.2345-2354.
  10. Chatterjee, R., Dey, T.K., RoyChowdhury, A., Paul, D., and Dhar, P. 2020. Enzymatically excised Oligopeptides from Bellamya bengalensis shows Potent Antioxidative and Anti-Hypertensive Activity. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 57, 2586–2601.
  11. Das, S., Dey, T.K., De, A., Banerjee, A., Chakraborty, S., Das, B., Mukhopadhyay, A.K., Mukherjee, B. and Samanta, A., 2021. Antimicrobial loaded gum odina-gelatin based biomimetic spongy scaffold for accelerated wound healing with complete cutaneous texture. International Journal of Pharmaceutics606, p.120892.
  12. Dey, T.K., Chatterjee, R., Mandal, R.S., Roychoudhury, A., Paul, D., Roy, S., Pateiro, M., Das, A.K., Lorenzo, J.M. and Dhar, P., 2021. ACE Inhibitory Peptides from Bellamya bengalensis Protein Hydrolysates: In Vitro and In Silico Molecular Assessment. Processes9(8), p.1316.

Award/ Academic Recognition/ Major Professional Activity:

  • Life Member of Oil Technologists’ Association of India (Membership ID: OTAI/LM/EZ/109).
  • Life Member of Nutrition Society of India (Membership ID: LM-2015-024).
  • Annual Member of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Membership ID: 68988504).