Ms. Subhasnata Mohanta

Present Position: Assistant Professor

Department of Language and Literature, School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies



  • Pursuing PhD (English) at NIT Durgapur.
  • M.A. in English ( Kazi Nazrul University)
  • B.A. in English ( The University of Burdwan)

Research Key Areas:

  • Gender Studies, Bengali Modernism.


  • Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts and Cultural Studies.
  • Assistant Professor, Institution of Engineering and Industrial Technology, Durgapur.
  • Guest Lecturer, TDB College, Raniganj.
  • Research Publication (s)
  • Number of research papers published in International refereed journals: 4
  • Number of invited Book-Chapters: 3

Research Publication (s):

  1. Mohanta, Subhasnata. “Hunting Down the weaker Sex : “witch- Hunting” continues in Different Forms Through  Ages”. LangLit, Vol.4 Issue1p.p (54-59), (ISSN 23495189). 2017
  2. Mohanta, Subhasnata. “Nationalism Through the Looking Glass of Common People: a Study of Satinath Bhaduri’s Dhorai Charit Manas  and Jagari”,Impressions of Eternity , Volume-11 p.p (89-96), published by Department of English, Bidhan Chandra College, Asansol (ISSN-2229-4813). 2016
  3. Mohanta, Subhasnata. “Partition’s Children and Their Traumatic Childhood: Study of Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man and Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines. Partition of India: Memory , Trauma and Representation, Edited By DR. Dipak Kumar Doley and DR. Abul Foyes MD Malik. Chintamoni Prakashani.( ISBN-978-81-86385-23-6). 2020
  4. Mohanta, Subhasnata. “The Age-old Relationship Between Man and River: A Study of Padma Nadir Majhi and The Hungry Tide”. South Asian Literature, Culture and Society : A Critical Rumination , Edited by Goutam Karmakar. Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) LTD.(ISBN 978-81-269-3173-6).2020.
  5. Mohanta, Subhasnata. “ Exploitation of Women and the Exploitation of the River: Ecofeminist Reading of Bengali River Novels in Translation.” Translation Studies: History , Theory and Practice. Edited by Dr. Naqui Ahmad John, Dr. Abul Foyes Md Malik. Assam Computers, New Delhi. ( ISBN- 978-81-948854-1-2).
  6. Mohanta , Subhasnata, Ray, Subhadeep. “Young martyr of young blood”: Cosmopolitan Style and War Against Empire in Nazrul’s Kamal Pasha. Journal of the Department of English . Vol 15 2022. ISSN 0973-3671, Published by Vidyasagar University . p.p (265-274). (UGC Care Listed )
  7. Mohanta, Subhasnata. “ Widowhood in Colonial Bengal — An Undeclared ‘Lockdown’ : Problematising Bapsi Sidhwa’s Water in Post-covid World. Impressions of Eternity , Volume-12 p.p. published by Department of English, Bidhan Chandra College, Asansol (ISSN-2229-4813).